Warble the West End

So, tell me: what exactly is Warble The West End?

Maybe you clicked on this site because you love singing; maybe you're here because you want to know what it means to warble; perhaps you have no idea how you ended up here at all...

Whatever the reason, let us explain what Warble The West End is all about!

Warble the West End is an event that shows people of all abilities that singing in harmony is not as difficult as it might appear. We don't use music at all; we teach everything by playing it on the piano for you. All you have in your hand is a lyric sheet.


The Team

The team behind Warble The West End have worked in professional musical theatre all over the world. As well as being involved in a number of high profile productions, they are also experienced teachers having taught beginners and professionals alike for a number of years.

Special Guests

On top of the experience offered by the core Warble The West End team, every workshop will also benefit from the attendance of performer who has a link to the show we are looking at. The special guest will host a Q&A session, as well as perform a few numbers for the attendees. 

Is this an event for children?

By all means children can attend, but Warble The West End is designed with teenagers and adults in mind. Singing events for children are well catered for, and at Warble The West End we want to ensure that teenagers and adults have somewhere they can go to sing their hearts out too!


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have! Simply email us at warblethewestend@gmail.com, and we'll get back to you with an answer!


Keep Warbling! 

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All Warble events are currently online!

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